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A selection of dramatic film productions

Ettore's Productions

The late Ettore Forte from Swanage was always a great fan of the Arts and aficionado of film, theatre, music and opera.

From the 1960s onwards, Ettore would often be seen in Mortale capturing key moments on his Regular 8mm film camera and then, as technology evolved, on his Super 8mm camera and then finally on video.  Highlights included many of the major Festas as well as significant episodes of historical note in the life of the village, such as the installation of mains drainage and the laying of tarmac at La Soda.  Many of these will soon be added to the general film section of this website and I am hugely grateful to Tony Langdown for the many hours he has spent painstakingly remastering and digitising these priceless records of Mortale history and, of course,  to Ettore's family for sharing these films with us all.

Ettore also wrote, cast, filmed, produced, directed and edited three dramatic productions involving many of the villagers at the time.  These are to be found below.

The story of Pacifico Forte, who died in 1926 falling out of an olive tree on the old road below Mortale.

Filmed mainly in Burnham-on-Sea, this film stars Alba Forte who prepares for a dinner date with a difference ...

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A Mortalese version of Romeo and Juliet, packed with love, desire and tragedy.