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I have been working on the Forte Family Tree since 2008 and there are currently just under 10 000 members on the tree.  All are descendants of the Forte family from Mortale and Casalattico and the earliest Forte ancestor recorded is Berardino Forte, who was born in c.1610.  There are over 1 500 members with the Forte surname but other surnames in the tree include Bianchi, Borza, Cafolla, Caira, Ciaraldi, Cirefice, Crenca, Di Adamo, Evangelista, Fusciardi, Fusco, Lieghio, Macari, Magliocco, Marsella, Matassa, Mezza, Minchella, Morelli, Nardone, Rosato, Roselli, Salveta, Vella and Visocchi.

An interactive Family Tree is available by clicking above.  It opens in a new window, but it only shows details of deceased members of the family dating back to the late 1600s along with summaries of birth, marriage and death details.  For security reasons, I have omitted all details of living people, who are simply shown as "Living Person".  See below to obtain a more detailed version of your section of the family tree.

If you have Forte ancestors from the Mortale or Casalattico area, please use the form below to submit family information and to view your 'section' of the family tree if available.  This can be sent to you via email in pdf format.  The only 'cost' to you is that you help to correct any mistakes and supply further information such as names of relatives, dates and places of birth/marriage/death and headshot photos if possible.  In this way, we should be able to produce a comprehensive list of all Fortes originating from this area.

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