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A 20-minute HD film showing highlights from the June 2015 Festa in Mortale

Festa di S. Antonio 2015

Highlights of the Festa di S. Antonio on Saturday 13th June 2015 in Mortale, starting with the band warming up at 9 a.m., then the mass and procession at 11 a.m., followed by the eating of the bread in the piazza afterwards, and then ending with dancing and celebrations at La Soda in the evening.

This year the statue was carried by different sets of Mortalese brothers and families.  The four Barbieri brothers, Silvano, Sergio, Silvio and Maurizio, started the procession from the church, followed by brothers Paul and Tony Forte (Brighton), and then Tony Forte (Eastbourne/St. Leonards) with his three sons, Marco, Donato and Luca.  Ralph Forte (Hastings) then carried the statue on the last leg back to the church.

It was a wonderful festa, and grateful thanks must go to all who help to organise this event every year.

Evviva Sant' Antonio!  Evviva Mortale!

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