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Not films, but three sound clips from Zia Vincenza in America to her sister Zia Marietta in Mortale

Zia Vincenza

Grandmother's sister, Zia Vincenza, emigrated to Hoboken, New York on 10th April 1921, with her husband Giovanbattista Sacco from Castrocielo.  She lived in Haskell, New Jersey, for many years until her death, aged 79, on 15 January 1968.

She never returned to Mortale but kept in regular contact with my nonna Filomena and their half sister, Zia Marietta.  Last year, I stumbled across an old vinyl record shown below, and have had the sound track cleaned and digitised.  There are three messages from Zia Vincenza to Zia Marietta and, although they don't say anything earth shattering, it is good to hear her voice from the 1950s.  Click below to hear the messages.

<bgsound src="_RefFiles/Vincenza Recording 1.mp3" loop=false>
<bgsound src="_RefFiles/Vincenza Recording 2.mp3" loop=false>

Presto Recording Corporation
Paramus, New Jersey, USA

Sound Track 1

Sound Track 3

Vinyl Record to Forte Marietta, Casalattico (Frosinone) from Sacco Vincenza, Haskell, New Jersey dated 14th May 1953

<bgsound src="_RefFiles/Vincenza Recording 3.mp3" loop=false>

Sound Track 2

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