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A 2½ minute film showing people in Mortale in 1952

Mortale in 1952

In this film, we see clips taken in Mortale in 1952.  This recently discovered film was shot by my uncle Nino Forte (Brighton) during his honeymoon after marrying Luisa Fischbach in Switzerland, and is the earliest footage of Mortale that I have on this site. 

The first scene is taken on the steps of my grandparents' house, Alfonso and Filomena Forte, and shows zia Marietta and others in this part of Mortale.  Later in the film, there is rare footage of a boccia game at La Soda, and then landscape views of the valley and Casalattico, showing Casalvieri beyond.

Do please contact me if you can identify any people in the film, especially the group of children and the baby.

My thanks go to the family of uncle Nino and aunt Luisa for getting this 9.5 mm old-format film digitised and for allowing me to put this on my website for others to spot their loved ones from the past.

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