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A 27-minute film showing highlights from the 1988 Festa in Mortale

This film was taken by Ettore Forte at the Festa di S. Antonio on Monday 13th June 1988 in Mortale.  This was a very special festa for the village, because one of the villagers, Don Franco Facchini, son of Dante Facchini and Maria Antonia Forte, and grandson of Benedetto Forte and Maria Grazia Marsella, was recently ordained as a priest and this was his first ever mass.  The footage starts with the arrival of the bishop for a short ceremony before the actual mass for S. Antonio.  There is the traditional procession through the village and a unique air display concludes the ceremony at La Soda.

Also on this website, you will see a film of the June 2013 Festa, in which Don Franco celebrates mass, exactly 25 years after this momentous occasion in his life.

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Festa di S. Antonio 1988